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Castle Rock Municipal Court and Douglas County Courts Lawyer: Courts, Probation, Procedures

In Castle Rock, Parker, Lone Tree, Larkspur, Douglas County and across Colorado, there are separate courts where criminal charges are prosecuted and our criminal defense attorneys protect men and women. These courts include County Courts, City / Municipal Courts and District Courts. Whether you are facing charges of Assault, Theft, Sexual Assault, Harassment, Domestic Violence, DUI, or Careless Driving, our  Castle Rock criminal defense lawyers are ready to help you.  Contact us for questions about court procedures, sentencing or trial representation.

Douglas County Court and County Courts Across Colorado

The Douglas County Court and County Courts across Colorado handle misdemeanor cases, as well as the early stages of felony cases. Some common criminal cases which are handled in the Douglas County Court include Domestic Violence cases, DUI cases, Assault cases, and traffic cases. District Attorneys handle criminal cases in County Courts and District Courts.

Castle Rock City Court, Lone Tree Municipal Court, Parker Municipal Court: City Courts in Colorado

City courts, such as Castle Rock City Court, Lone Tree Municipal Court, or Parker Municipal Court only handle city misdemeanor cases. Some of these criminal cases might include minor shoplifting cases, littering cases, or small traffic infractions. Additionally, they deal with some municipal code violations which are similar to state law violations.  With these criminal charges, city police have a choice where to file a case: in either County Court or City Court. Criminal cases filed in Castle Rock Municipal Court are prosecuted by City Attorneys.

Colorado District Courts

District courts in Douglas County, Castle Rock, and across Colorado manage felony cases and some misdemeanor pleas. Some common criminal cases handled by District Courts in our state include juvenile cases, felony Assault cases, mental health cases, and other violent crimes. The criminal defense lawyers at the O’Malley Law Office routinely represent people charged with criminal cases filed in District Courts located in Castle Rock, Lone Tree, Parker, Larkspur, and other areas within Douglas County.

Castle Rock Municipal Court and Douglas County Courts: Helpful Information

Read more about judge trials and jury trials in Castle Rock and Douglas County.

Castle Rock and Parker, Colorado Judge vs. Jury Trials

In Castle Rock Municipal Court, Parker Municipal Court and other city courts, you can choose whether you want a judge trial or jury trial. In most cases, having a jury trial is a better option than having a judge trial. A City Attorney always has the Burden of Proof in a criminal case, meaning they must prove your guilt. For this reason, it is better to have a jury trial than a judge trial because it is more challenging for the prosecution to prove their side to a larger number of people. In a judge trial, the prosecution need only convince one person you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Plus, most judges have a bias in favor of the prosecution.


Castle Rock, Lone Tree and Douglas County Plea Bargains

Since there is not enough time for every criminal case to go to trial in Castle Rock or Lone Tree, plea bargaining becomes an option. Plea bargaining is attractive to the defense  under circumstances where a defendant knows they cannot win at trial. During plea bargains in Castle Rock, Lone Tree and Douglas County, the type of plea, incarceration / jail time, restitution or probation will all be discussed. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can work towards a favorable / fair plea bargain deal  with City Attorneys, District Attorneys and judges.

Learn more about probation in Castle Rock, Douglas County and Parker.

Castle Rock, Parker and Douglas County Probation

Judges in Castle Rock, Parker and Douglas County would ideally like to monitor a defendant’s sentence themselves. But, since they are preoccupied with trials, hearings, and sentencing, they rely on their Probation Department to monitor defendants. When a defendant receives a supervised probation sentence, a probation officer will oversee them and ensure they complete their probation terms and conditions.  This may include whether they attend therapy and counseling treatment, maintain employment and meet their financial obligations. In an unsupervised probation case, no officer will be involved. If a defendant does not meet the terms / conditions of their sentence, a Douglas County probation officer will file a Petition to Revoke Probation, also known as a Complaint to Revoke Probation.

Learn more about record sealing in Castle Rock and Douglas County.

Castle Rock and Highlands Ranch Record Sealing

Having a criminal record in Castle Rock or Highlands Ranch can be crippling. It can affect your ability to find or keep a job, your ability to find housing, and it can negatively impact your reputation. Fortunately, under Colorado law, many people can qualify to have their record sealed following an arrest or criminal conviction. It is always best to speak with the best criminal defense lawyers who can advise you on whether or not you are eligible to have your record sealed. You need expert legal guidance to navigate through the record sealing process in Colorado.

Learn more about sex offender deregistration in Castle Rock and Douglas County.

Sex Offender Deregistration in Castle Rock and Larkspur

If a person is convicted of a sexual offense in Castle Rock or Larkspur, such as Sexual Assault, Sexual Assault on a Child, Sexual Exploitation of a Child, Indecent Exposure, and in some cases Public Indecency, they must register as a sex offender. Under some circumstances, Colorado law permits sex offenders to deregister, C.R.S. 16-22-113. Certain factors, such as the type of sexual offense you were convicted of, the level of sexual offense you were convicted of, whether you’ve been convicted of a sexual offense more than once, and the date of your final release from the jurisdiction of the court, will affect whether or not you qualify for sex offender deregistration. Note that you cannot simply stop registering as a sex offender without court authorization. If you do, you will face charges of Failure to Register as a Sex Offender, C.R.S. 18-3-412.5. The process to deregister as a sex offender is complex, so it is wise to consult an experienced criminal defense lawyer to guide you through the process.

Learn more about arrest warrants and search warrants in Castle Rock and Douglas County.

Castle Rock Arrest Warrants and Search Warrants

Two types of warrants are most common in Castle Rock and across Colorado.  These  are search warrants and arrest warrants. While search warrants grant police permission to search your business, home or car to find evidence for a criminal case, arrest warrants grant police permission to place you under arrest. Arrest warrants typically result from a victim making an allegation against you, even if it is a false allegation. Both types of warrants are extremely invasive and require the aid of an aggressive criminal defense attorney.

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Understanding the differences between courts in Castle Rock, Douglas County and across Colorado, as well as the steps involved within the courts can be extremely complicated. It is always best to consult a criminal defense lawyer who has experience working in all types of courts and with each type of court procedure. Put your trust in one of our hardworking, affordable criminal defense attorneys who have over 40 years of combined courtroom experience. We will fight to protect your freedom, reputation and constitutional rights.