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Castle Rock Bond Lawyer: Douglas County Bail and Bond Attorney

In Castle Rock and Douglas County, when someone is arrested, family and friends pursue options to get the person released from jail.  Bail and Bond immediately become a priority.  The purpose behind bail / bond is to ensure a defendant will appear in court for a felony or misdemeanor charge.  It involves posting money as collateral to ensure future court appearance attendance.  When determining the amount for bail and bond, the process will usually begin with an arrest warrant. Then, a detective working on the criminal case will talk with a judge to set a bail / bond amount they like. However, if a person is arrested during or right after the commission of a criminal offense, such as Assault, Harassment, or Domestic Violence, a jail will usually rely on “scheduled bond” amounts, which usually represent the average bond amounts for individual criminal offenses in Colorado. Contact a Castle Rock bond lawyer from the O'Malley Law Office if you have more questions about posting bond / bail in Castle Rock or Douglas County.

Bond Amount in Castle Rock and Highlands Ranch | Factors Influencing Bond Amount: FTA?

Colorado bail and bond amounts vary in Castle Rock and Highlands Ranch depending on the classification level of felony or misdemeanor charge a defendant is facing. There are also certain factors which can affect bail and bond amounts, including the criminal history of the defendant, the seriousness of the criminal offense, the evidence involved in the criminal case, whether sex or firearms are involved, as well as any history of Failure to Appear (FTA) in court.

Contact a Castle Rock bond lawyer and Douglas County bail attorney if you have questions about posting bond at the Douglas County Jail.

Cash Bond, PR Bond, Surety Bond, and Property Bond in Castle Rock

Cash Bond in Castle Rock

A Cash Bond in Castle Rock means a person will post real cash with the Colorado court. After the completion of the defendant’s criminal case, if they attend their court appearances, all cash posted will be returned to the defendant or the person who posted the cash for them. If a person is able to post a Cash Bond, it is a desirable option for posting bond / bail in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Personal Recognizance Bond in Douglas County

When posting a Personal Recognizance Bond (PR bond) in Douglas County, no money is required. Instead, the Douglas County Court will collect an IOU from the defendant.  The defendant will pay the IOU if they do not show up in court. Because there are many people who do not have the money to pay if they fail to appear in court, many Colorado courts are reluctant to give a Personal Recognizance bond.

Highlands Ranch and Castle Rock Property Bond

In Highlands Ranch, when a defendant posts real estate as a bond, it is known as a Property Bond. To post real estate as a bond, the real estate must have equity that is 1.5 to 2 times greater than the bond amount. No money is required to post this bond. But, if you do not show up to court, the court could foreclose on the property which you’ve used as the bond. This bond isn’t as common to post because of the amount of time and effort involved for both a defendant and the court.  Many judges consider Property Bonds to be too time consuming and uncertain.

Surety Bond in Castle Rock and Lone Tree

In Castle Rock and Lone Tree, a Surety Bond is one of the more popular bonds. A Surety Bond  is a bond where a professional bondsman or bondswoman posts the money for a defendant. Because a professional bondsman or bondswoman posts the bond for you, there is a rental fee involved. In every criminal case, the bondsperson will get to keep the rental fee you paid.   This fee ranges from 10% to 15% in most cases.

Bail and Bond Reduction Hearing in Castle Rock and Larkspur

In Castle Rock and Larkspur, your Castle Rock bond lawyer can request that a bond / bail amount be lowered at a bail/bond reduction hearing. At a bail and bond reduction hearing, your Castle Rock criminal defense lawyer and a Douglas County District Attorney will argue the amount of bail and bond before the judge. Some of the factors involved upon determining a new bond amount include:

Your past and present residences

Your character and reputation

Prior criminal record (if any)

Your relationship status with your family

Your employment status and history

Any failures to appear in court

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If you need to bond out of the Douglas County Jail in Castle Rock, or need to bond a loved one out of the Douglas County Jail, you need to consult an experienced and affordable Castle Rock bond lawyer from the O’Malley Law Office to help set a bail or bond hearing. The early involvement of a criminal defense attorney can help persuade a court to reduce your bail or bond amount. A Castle Rock bond lawyer at the O’Malley Law Office regularly persuades courts to reduce bail and bond amounts for our clients, saving them thousands of dollars. Call our office today to set up a free initial consultation if you or a loved one need to bond out of jail.