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Child Abuse Castle Rock Lawyer | Douglas County Child Abuse Attorney

In Castle Rock and Douglas County, Child Abuse, C.R.S. 18-6-401, charges occur under many different circumstances. There are a number of Colorado law violations listed under C.R.S. 18-6-401, which deal with Child Abuse. It’s important that you consult an experienced Child Abuse Castle Rock lawyer at the O’Malley Law Office as soon as possible if facing charges of Child Abuse or Child Endangerment in Colorado.  In some Child Abuse cases, an experienced criminal defense attorney can prevent charges from being filed at all by communicating early on with police, the alleged victim and witnesses.

Child Abuse in Castle Rock and Parker | What is the Definition of Child Abuse?

In Castle Rock and Parker, Colorado, Child Abuse charges can occur whenever a person causes an injury to a child’s life or health, or places a child in a situation which puts the child’s life or health at risk of injury or death. Child Abuse charges can also occur if someone continuously engages in conduct that results in malnourishment, mistreatment, lack of proper medical care, cruel punishment or other injuries which lead to the death or serious bodily injury of a child. Additionally, Child Abuse charges can occur if (except under certain circumstances) someone infibulates the labia majora, labia minora, vulva, or clitoris of a female child. Finally, Child Abuse charges can be filed if someone allows a child to be in the presence of manufacturing a controlled substance or possessing other drugs with intent to use them to manufacture a controlled substance. Child Abuse can either be a felony or misdemeanor in Colorado.

You need a Child Abuse Castle Rock lawyer to defend you if facing Child Abuse charges in Castle Rock or Douglas County.

Felony Child Abuse in Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Felony Child Abuse charges are filed if the Child Abuse results in the death of a child or serious bodily injury to a child. However, there are other unique circumstances where felony Child Abuse charges can be filed as well. Typically, felony Child Abuse charges occur if it is alleged you were physically abusing your child or caused the death of a child. In some cases, Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor charges are filed alongside felony Child Abuse charges. You should never fight felony Child Abuse charges on your own or with the help of an inexperienced criminal defense lawyer. You need an experienced, full-time Child Abuse Castle Rock lawyer to defend you.

Misdemeanor Child Abuse in Larkspur and Castle Rock

In Larkspur and Castle Rock, Colorado, misdemeanor Child Abuse charges occur whenever a person causes any injury other than serious bodily injury to a child as a result of child abuse, or if no death or injury results from the Child Abuse. The Child Abuse defense lawyers at the O’Malley Law Office have often seen misdemeanor Child Abuse charges filed where parents get into a physical fight in their home, and a child is present or accidentally injured as a result of the physical fight.  In other cases, we see charges filed when a child is in the car and the driver is arrested for DUI or DWAI.

Dependency and Neglect in Castle Rock and Lone Tree

Dependency and Neglect (D & N) cases in Castle Rock and Lone Tree often result from reports made by those required to report suspicions of Child Abuse to police or Human Services (Social Services). Police may also report suspected Child Abuse to Human Services. In a Dependency and Neglect situation, children are typically taken into custody by Human Services and put into foster care. Parents may be facing misdemeanor and felony Child Abuse charges after an event occurs involving their child which they are unaware of. For example, a troubled child wandering from home without alerting their parents may lead to misdemeanor Child Abuse charges if the child is injured or endangered.

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When facing charges or accusations of misdemeanor or felony Child Abuse in Castle Rock, not only is your future at stake, but your child’s may be as well. Sometimes, your child can be taken away from you and placed into foster care. Where so much is at risk upon a charge or arrest of Child Abuse, you need a competent and caring Child Abuse Castle Rock lawyer who will fight to protect your Constitutional rights.  Your child's future makes it essential to keep your family together. Call the aggressive Child Abuse lawyers from the O’Malley Law Office today at 303-265-1950 and protect your future.